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Are you ready for more fulfilment, freedom, and fun? Then join


My signature 6-week group coaching program, for purpose-led, professional women who want a career that works with their life, not a life that works with a career.


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You + The Pivot Series = everything you need to get clear!

Maybe you are in a well-paid, senior role, and feel stuck by that high salary and big title. Yet despite your success you want more for yourself and are asking 'is this really it?'.

Perhaps you've already tried a few different options - worked flexibly or changed company, but still feel unfulfilled and you just know that you have so much more in you. You want to be making an impact in this world and you want to part of the mission of women making change in the world TODAY!

Maybe you've been on a career break, and are dreading going back to a soul-less corporate bubble. Perhaps you've lost confidence, and don't quite know what your 'working identity' is anymore?

Maybe you've not invested in yourself for a long time. You see more people using coaches, but you are not sure you know what it is about. But you know you need to do something. You know something needs to change. 

But you keep thinking of all the reasons you can't change. Use say 'can't' ALOT! You worry how other people will view you if you shift or change career. You worry how you will view yourself..

Whichever applies to you - I SEE YOU - and The Pivot Series, is designed to coach you through a career transition, one that allows you to design a career for you, by you, using your success factors, while teaching you the tools to create a resilient and adaptable career for the future.

During the program you'll:


Learn how to get out of your own way, and design what you need from your career

  • Week 1 - Get really clear on what got your here and where you want to get to, so you can understand your story, identify your strengths, and learn to spot your patterns
  • Week 2 - Clarify your anchors for making conscious choices aligned with your values, so that you can make more confident, informed decisions 


Practice, apply, and test the techniques that will set the foundations for your pivot

  • Week 3 - Learn and practice techniques to overcome limiting beliefs and success blockers, so that you can overcome the fears that are holding you back
  • Week 4 - Apply the pivot framework - scan, test, & pilot, so that you can master the art of the pivot in the supportive community of the group


Start to map, and realise, your pivot plan!

  • Week 5 - Create your personalised pivot plan, so that you can start to create the change you need NOW!
  • Week 6 - Adapt and reapply the pivot method, so that you needn't feel stuck in a career choice ever again!

Clear on Your Needs,

Confident in Your Choices, 

Ready to make it Happen!

  • A one of a kind, expert-led coaching program, curated to take you through each stage in your pivot - from career paralysis, through to clarity to action
  • Designed to provide you with a balanced mix of coaching, training, insights, practical tools and resources so that you can use the strategies again and again
  • Support and accountability from your coach, Eilish, fellow pivoters, and one years access to a members only portal of resources that you can return to again and again

A Note From Eilish...

5 years ago, to the outside world I was a successful executive in banking, mum to 3 gorgeous kids, and married to my soulmate. But on the inside without even realising it, I was fading and burning out. A career that didn't fulfil me, choices out of sync with my values, and watching that courageous, fun-loving me disappear a little more every day.

I founded my coaching practice in 2017 to shine a much needed spotlight on the challenges specific to women's career journeys. I work with professional women who want to remain true to themselves and their values as they transition in life and roles. I'm an ICF coach trained in psychology, coaching, neuroscience and NLP.  As an experienced business leader I have hired, developed, mentored and coached hundreds of women in leadership over my 20 year career. 

I have poured the best of all of this into The Pivot Series, and I can't wait to start the magic!

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  • being able to say "I love what I do!"

  • waking up energised and excited about the next chapter 

  • a career that fits with your life - a customised career designed by YOU

  • experiencing purposeful work that plays to all your strengths and puts you in your zone of genius

  • feeling confident and empowered to make decisions based on YOUR needs, YOUR priorities, and YOUR values



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What's Included


#1- 6 Weeks of Group Coaching Modules and Live Q&A

Weekly Group Coaching sessions with Eilish along with a weekly live Q&A to guide you through each stage in the process and answer your questions.

#2- Beautifully designed Workbooks and Resources

Workbooks and resources are designed to create space for you to self-reflect with ease, and in your own time, between sessions. These are yours to keep and revisit as often as you need to.

#3- Accountability Partners, Support, and lots more!

Our private online group will be there throughout the program so that you can learn from and support each other. This community will be there for helping you get unstuck, encouraging action, celebrating progress. You will also be paired with an accountability partner for support after the program has ended.


Still undecided?

Here's What Others Say about working with Eilish...

..has really made me reflect, challenge and reassess my leadership style, my values and what the next steps in my career could look like"


Eilish supported me in my journey at a pivotal time in my career. Working together, she has coached me through many scenarios both personally and professionally. Her insights, observations and active listening have not only been hugely supportive, but has really made me reflect, challenge and reassess my leadership style, my values and what the next steps in my career could look like. It was wonderful to have a fellow female providing strength, encouragement and drive, with my best interests at the root of it all!

Wendy M, Financial Controller


..I don't recognise the version of myself that I was just a few months ago. If you have the opportunity to work with Eilish I would say grab it with both hands!"


I grew over each and every one of the sessions I had with Eilish. I felt really comfortable talking to her about my motivations and my challenges at work and life generally, even if at times this involved discovering certain aspects of myself that I didn't know or had forgotten. I don't recognise the version of myself that I was just a few months ago. If you have the opportunity to work with Eilish I would say grab it with both hands! She's the real deal.
Bea, Investment Banking


Yes! A 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you worked through the first few modules, and followed the program but are not satisfied, I will happily refund you the cost of the program.

Commonly Asked